Ted’s Shoes

Contributing Author: Robert Sievert

Around 1970, my dad took me to Ted’s Shoes to get me a new pair of shoes. I got the clodhoppers (tan colored boots that went up a bit past your ankle, like work boots). We came out and there was this sawhorse barricade. I wanted to show my dad that I could jump it, and so I did!

I landed on the other side; it was wet cement. My dad was so angry because of the brand new shoes. The guy that was there working on the cement was angry too!


The South Side of 100 block of East Court Street, looking southwest, probably late 1950s. Businesses visible are Ted’s Shoes, Capp’s Paint Store, Roy Shapiro Men’s Wear, and (on the second floor of right-most building) the Kankakee Moose Lodge. All buildings were demolished in the 1960s and 1970s (photo from the Kankakee County Museum archives).


Laura Marcotte Hamende’s 1907 Wedding in L’Erable

Transcription by Norma Meier of an oral interview with Laura Marcotte Hamende, March 5, 1981 (Laura Marcotte Hamende, 1887-1982). 

Reflections from her wedding day. 

“It was on a Wednesday. It was the 17th of April, 1907. Oh yes, we had Mass – High Mass. Oh yes, there was a lot of people there. A wedding used to be on a Wednesday all the time.

Then they switched it off to Saturday. We thought it was terrible to have it on Saturday, but now it’s all Saturday.

We had a dance, the hall is still there in L’Erable.

I can tell you I wore a white knit dress. It had a blue silk lining. I had a cousin that made it for me. Of course, then we didn’t buy nothing made already. It was long, touched the floor. I had a veil. We got married in L’Erable at ten o’clock, and then we came to my mother’s for dinner.

And all I had was a wedding ring. I never had no engagement ring.”

Laura married Arthur Hamende (1885-1955) at the L’Erable Catholic Church. Both are buried at Mount Calvary Cemetery in Kankakee. 


Interior and exterior images from St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in L’Erable, Illinois (photos from the archives of the Kankakee County Museum).


Ken Ponton Remembers the 1946 Departmental School Fire

Contributing Author: Ken Ponton

My parents, Earl and Florence Ponton, and my brother, Ron and I lived on the E-Z Way Bumps Road in Limestone from the early 1940s until we grew up and moved out. Dad and Mom continued to live there for the remainder of their lives.

In early February of 1946, Dad noticed a large column of black smoke rising from somewhere in Kankakee. We got into the family car and started into town to see what was burning. At that time, the Court Street Bridge had not been built and the only bridge into town from Limestone was the Station Street Bridge. We took Station Street as far as we could before being stopped just east of Schuyler Avenue by fire trucks blocking the street.

The Departmental School was on fire and burning completely out of control. We parked and walked as close as we were permitted. I will never forget the heat, crackling sounds of breaking glass, and the huge crowds drawn, just as we were, to the fire.

The Departmental School burning in 1946; the school was a forty-four year old structure that was originally built as the Kankakee Senior High School (photos from the archives of the Kankakee County Museum).

Grocery Stores in Kankakee – Ken Ponton’s 1950s Memories

Contributing Author: Ken Ponton

In the earlier days of Kankakee County, grocery stores did not exist. When Rivard Grocery Store opened in Bourbonnais, and shortly thereafter Erzingers in  Kankakee, and then The Big Bear on East Court Street, a good selection for grocery shopping became available. My mother worked part-time at Erzingers for several years. Erzingers later became The Fair Store, then Carson Pirie Scott, followed by The Kankakee Antique Mall, and finally a parking lot.

I worked at The Big Bear in the produce section and as a bagger in the late 1950s. One of my more disgusting jobs was making up 10 pound bags of potatoes from 100 pounds. Many rotten potatoes were in the big bags, and I was instructed to put them in the middle of the 10 pound bags so they would not show! But the smell was terrible!

The checkout lanes were all manual up to the time Wilson Christensen built a large grocery store at the northeast corner of Curtis and Jeffrey. It had the first automated check outs.

Wilson had a son, Johnnie, who was a neighbor and friend I spent lots of time with. Johnnie had a new motor scooter he would ride around and stop by our place. One day he let me ride it down the E-Z Way Bumps Road. I only got about a half mile down the road and crashed it. I spent several days at St. Mary’s with a bad concussion and many cuts.

Stores like WalMart, Target, and others are serious competition… I have great memories of early shopping and working in Kankakee. It was hard work but left me with experiences I will never forget.


Erzinger Brothers Grocery Store exterior, located at 242 South East Avenue, Kankakee (from the archives of the Kankakee County Museum).